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Waiting, Waiting, Waiting….

September 11, 2010

Today is our move in day. Shinny new floors and new paint smell replaces normal coffee grind. Because I wanted to be up and running (meaning seeing clients by October 1) today was the earliest I could get into the office and that meant the phones, internet, equipment and all the furniture were to be delivered today. I emptied my storage unit at my apt at 530 and drove the contents of my old office to my new and waited. The floor guys came first and took away the floor blowers and did last minute patching and repairs of the office. The signage guy was early (nice) and because we have a retail space with plenty of visibility I like the neighborhood to know I am here. Vinyl seems to be the new way to go. And it is cheaper, he says; we’ll see! Verizon is the phone/internet service that I have chosen and they have been accommodating once the fight with their two sales people ended (apparently you are to speak with just one salesperson so not to split the commission). I needed three telephone lines and one fax line, and who knew that would take 6 hours and 21 minutes of phone time. I’m still confused as to how the roll-over lines actually work. I sure hope I bought the right phones. Deliveries from Staples and Office Depot continued throughout the day. I know why I used both office supply companies but not sure why they each need more than one truck to delivery two cases of paper. Delivery trucks and their drivers in New York City are a special breed of men and women…I sure have to give them credit, as I could not do it. Office desks from one furniture company arrived while the Best Buy guys were delivering the computers, so I put the desks in a pile in the corner. “Nobody puts the babies in the corner” he says when he arrives. Who knew that desks were considered babies, and when will that Dirty Dancing reference ever die (maybe not for awhile since “Baby” is going to be on this seasons” Dancing with the Stars”). I bought a waiting room couch at Pier 1, and they arrived before noon; one more place to lounge as I wait the computer guy. Seriously, I feel like I have struck gold as I hired Jose from “” to manage my office equipment and make sure I’m always up and running. He gave me a list of what items to buy so that I was ready for him to connect everything. Not only did he tell me what to buy but sent me all the internet links and web pages describing the items. Now, maybe, if I did that for my Mother I would get age appropriate Christmas gifts (why do parents always feel you are younger and thinner than you are???). The day was long but everyone showed up, all the deliveries were made, and now it’s time to unpack. Come by and see us before the floors get too scuffed up!


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