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Love’n in New York…and it can be free!

September 22, 2010

Hi! I am the newest member at G.A I. I am the office manager and I am very excited about my new fabulous venture. Let me tell you a little about myself. I love New York City. It is not automatic that you love NYC, just because you live here, but I love my city. Regardless of where in the world I travel to: Paris, London, or Barcelona, I will always have my base here. I love the rat race, the hustle and bustle of this great city and G.A.I is in the middle if it all. Yeah Baby!

I am going to school at night working towards my MBA in entrepreneurship. I am a student of life and my belief is that we must educate ourselves about technology, our cities, culture, food, and of course money. We are all connected by food, knowledge and money and we should know, all we can about each one.

Speaking about money, I was on the bus yesterday on my way home from class and thought to myself, how can I retain tonight’s lesson and not just go home and fall asleep? (Note: Bill is the TV aficionado in the office not me). Well lucky me, for FREE, I had my netbook with me, and logged on to YouTube and searched “Accounting” and up comes the most amazing videos from professors all over the world, taking me step by step through the accounting cycle. I love technology! If you are not sure what you know or need to know, the internet, has a video for it. So what is the lesson here? Please stretch your dollars by looking for your books, videos and other items for free before you open your wallet.

These are the kind of things we can help with @ G.A.I. Stay tuned for our various seminar listings, podcasts, radio show and other blog postings. Or just stop by and say hello.


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