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And a little bit about us (or me for now)…

October 5, 2010

It has been said that there is a big difference when you come to the Gunwel Tax office vs. going to a “widely popular name brand” tax firm. The big difference, in just the interview, is that there is a lot of talking about you the client and a lot of listening from me. I’ve always felt that even in the smallest of transactions (say just a W2 and efiling) it benefits both of us if I know about you; know what your hopes, dreams and goals are. It seems obvious that the more I know about you and what you want financially, the better I am at creating the best tax scenario outcome for you. Generally, numbers are black and white, but how you get to them is a whole lot of gray. A lot of what we do at G.A.I. is consulting on your tax experience and what your needs are, then always striving to make it better.

Clients have always said that we know so much more about them and they know very little about us with the exception from what they see on our “wall of fame/shame” (the dreaded diploma, certificate, legal wall that tells you about our legality and ability to do tax work) and, of course, what they sometimes ask. I tend to be an open book, when asked, so to give you a heads up, here are some of my rants and raves for daily life. I should put a disclaimer here now because my office mates are shyer than I and tend not to blog about them-selves in this manner. LOL

“Green is my favorite color, not just because of the financial factor but because it is calming and fresh and clean looking…it drives me crazy when I see dog walkers (while walking a pack of dogs) on a cell phone…I have a sister and a brother and I am the largest, I wish I could play the adoption card but my face is identical to both my parents, eerie!…I have two daughter’s and both of their names come from names in movies we saw prior to them being born: Chelsey’s name is from “On Golden Pond” (the name of the Jane Fonda’s character) and Lace’s name is from the TV movie “Lace,” played by Kevin Klein’s wife Phoebe Cates…anything chocolate is my favorite food…the biggest tax return I ever did was so big that I had to buy a special stapler just to staple the clients copies together and ended up delivering it in a cab because the postage was too expensive and the client couldn’t pick it up…the pencil holder on my desk was made by me in my seventh grade metal shop class (they probably don’t have metal shop in grade school these days)…and lastly if a Tax Accountant was not my chosen profession, I would be a piano bar lounge lizard.”

The next time you’re in our office feel free to get to know us as we want you to be as comfortable as possible with the folks that are handling your tax and bookkeeping needs.  Stop by anytime or give us a call at 212-979-6830 to set up your free consultation, today! Or visit our website at See you soon!


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