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A dog friendly tax office and more!

October 18, 2010

The Day Ursa-Bear died was probably one of the saddest days of my  life. She died a year and a half ago. Ursa-Bear had a heart condition from an early age which caused seizures every now and then. She was on medications (I used to joke that she was on more medications than Elizabeth Taylor) that helped control the scary episodes. She was nine years old when she died and she had a great life. And I constantly remind myself of that when the sadness consumes me. As you may have guessed I’m one of those freaky dog owners that treat their canines like their kids. My “human” children often gave me a hard time about it until they themselves brought their own dogs into their families, now they get it! We were advised to put Ursa-Bear down  the week-end she had a series of strokes, and she was clearly in pain. The evening of her first stroke the vets wanted her to stay overnight in a observastion cage that had forced oxygen. We put her in the cage and when we turned to check on her she was pawing at the cage as if to say don’t leave me here to die. We quickly pulled her out and took her home. At home the three of us (Tom, my partner, Cosmo, our Chocolate Lab and myself) took turns by her side that night. She would occasionally give us kisses but was clearly weak and out-of- it. This was our time, even Cosmo, to spend time with her and tell her how much she meant to us. The next morning she sat by the front door and had the next of two strokes. We took her to the Vets office where they recommended we put her down. There was no more that we could do for her. Tom and I had her lay between us on the Vet’s floor as they gave her the shot. She licked both of our faces and fell off into the forever sleep. We cried as never before. Prior to our leaving the house with Ursa, Cosmo gave her an odd nudge by her noise as if he was saying goodbye too. The days afterwards seemed endless, but we got thru it…and when the days of sadness come about we remember what a special dog she was and how much we loved her and how much she loved us.

Now why am I blogging about Ursa-Bear  when this is a tax & bookkeeping blog? I guess to give you more of an in-site into what we are all about here at Gunwel ( .) Clearly our offices are very dog friendly, and you will often find the Cosmo here napping around the couch (he’s 12 years old and naps a lot!). We want to know about our clients, we want to  help in all aspects of your financial life, we want to know your stories and how you got to where you are in your life. We know what it’s like out there, we know that life is hard and sometimes all you want to do is come into the office and fuss about your day, we get that! Know that at GAI (Gunwel Associates Inc) you will be listened to and your financial needs will all be taken care of in a professional, efficient way. Give us a call at 212-979-6830 or come for a visit and tell us your story. We look forward to seeing you!


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