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Close the accounts, please!

October 21, 2010

One of my favorite banks (I know, I know…no one has a favorite bank !?!) was a bank I used in San Francisco when I lived there. I kept them all these years simply because you could bank by mail and I found them accommodating. This past week I had opened a new checking with a bank in NYC that I found amazing. I had originally opened my business checking and savings there (OKAY I’ll tell your their name….TD BANK)  and decided to open my personal account there as well. So I moved the money from the SF bank and waited for the check to clear, and today was the day to close that account. I also had credit cards associated with their bank that I wanted to close as there was no need for them…I have others. So I called the bank and successfully closed the bank accounts but when I got to the credit card portion (I had two), I got an attitude. The phone clerk transferred me.

several credit cards The conversation began pleasant as we discussed the weather here in NYC as well as where she was from. I then went onto explain that I had just closed my checking account because of opening the new etc. And that I wanted to close the credit cards associated with simply because I had no need and wanted to be a “Cash Person” in the fiscal world. She brings up the “in case of an emergency” situation and I told her I had other cards. I just want to close these cards out and seriously I have a few tax returns to do today ( is a tax firm, in case you didn’t get that…lol), so I need to go!  Are the other credit cards zero fees and this low-interest etc? Yes, and it doesn’t matter as I want to close these out. What about adding more credit to your spending limit…no need as I want to close the accounts. What about….WAIT  and yes my voice ran up a few octaves. I want to close these accounts without conversation and you are being very rude, just do it. She then went onto say she is not trained in rude and that if anyone is being rude it is me….I ended rude as I hung up on her and screamed Close the accounts!

Hours later as I write this blog I wonder what is the problem ? They make no money off of me as I don’t use the card, have zero fees and very low-interest. I haven’t used the cards since I was in San Francisco. You don’t want me as a client as I’m not your target market. Just let me go. It was like breaking up with an old girlfriend or boyfriend where they like you more than you like them and all you want for them to get is you’re not that good…let me go!

I suspect that in a week or two I will get an offer in the mail that is too good to be true and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be speaking with her again. Trying to be a cash only person in today fiscal world is a challenge but has worked pretty well (for me). At Gunwel (  we can show you how that would look and work for you. Give us a call (212-979-6830) for a free consultation and stop by and see us so we can swap stories! See you soon.


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