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You CAN Get Out Of A Lease Early!

October 26, 2010

You can get out of an auto lease early thanks to lease-swapping sites such as and These companies match people who want to get out of a lease early with those who want to assume a short-term lease; so you can exit a lease before it’s up. But it will cost you. At, you pay a fee of $89.00 to post your vehicle’s information and a $149.00 transfer fee. The leasing company may also charge a transfer fee. For example Nissan charges $75.00 and Mercedes charges $595.00. 

Leasing isn’t for everyone, but many more people should do it. Typically, fewer than 20% of new-car transactions are leases. And not only did the weak economy scare away buyers, it also shrank the number of leasers by half. If you trade in frequently, you may find that leasing makes sense.

I always enjoyed a new car every two or three years and found that leasing was a way to go for me as I was always one to have a payment for the long haul. The car smell was nice to have around for a few months as well. If you are thinking about buying or leasing and need some help with your decision, give us a call at 212-979-6830. We can put some numbers together that can help in your decision. That’s our job at GAI (, to help you with the financial stuff…Stop by for a visit and we can help. See you soon!


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