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A glitch in the “Horizon” bill.

October 31, 2010

The end of the month is when I get the majority of my office bills to pay so I always make sure I have some candy for the postman when he comes by…in NYC the postman is treated very well (come rain, shine, snow and hail etc). I’m always amazed that my monthly bills are never what I think they are going to be. It all has to do with the various taxes, franchise fees etc attached to your bill that throw the budget off.

 For example: my telephone bill was in today’s mail and it was  $100 more than I should be paying. I have one of those services that are a bundle package as you get the better deal that way (or so I’m told), so when I set up the service I was told the base price and, I did realize,  that did not include taxes, fees etc (which came to about $30. more a month). So as I glanced at this bill I thought here we go again. I pull out the folder and call the company (its name rhymes with “horizon”).  I am on the phone 35 minutes to get the job done as I am disconnected twice, transferred three times and finally a nice gal named Joanne helps me. We dissect the bill together and she does not understand, as well, why it is $100. over. AHA, they forgot to give you credit on the following things…so once the credit is taken care of we are still $30. off and it’s not the taxes and franchise fee. But because we got it lower she quickly hangs up, or maybe she had another call on hold. Do I call back and go after the $30 and waste more time on the phone? My hourly rate is much higher than $30. an hour so I think I’ll pass today and put the bill in my in-box for monday, after all it is a new month (then) and I’m sure November will bring quicker results. The obvious moral of the story here is to check your bill carefully…but you all knew that!

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