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I disagree with outsourcing and everything it represents!

November 2, 2010

This morning my computer crashed as apparently the hard drive just died. I had bought this HP desktop less than two months ago. Luckily my computer guy is johnny on the spot and was able to replace the hard drive; by early afternoon I was up and running (or in this case blogging away). The unfortunate part is that I spent almost two hours on the phone to some outsourced company in India (I asked) to help me figure out what to do and where to send the crashed hard drive. It is still under warranty thus I wanted a new one in case this happens again in the future. My frustration comes (not so much with the hard drive crashing, but) from the two hours spent on the phone to spell out my name BILL and all other information just to get this done. I understand the reason HP has outsourced their service department to India is to save money, but the two hours I spent on the phone to do simple things like spell my name BILL has lost my company billing hours at a much higher rate than India’s billing rates.

 I disagree with outsourcing and everything that it represents, I always have. At GAI ( we do not outsource. I had a new client say to me the other day, who does this bookkeeping work that I am dropping off to you? I said I am doing it. His mouth fell to the ground. I asked why are you so surprised and he informed me that his last tax guy outsourced the work (and surprisingly, charged him more money than I was). I didn’t know what to tell him other than at Gunwel Tax & Bookkeeping Service we do all the work from beginning to end which includes the ongoing conversations we have with you about the results. I also informed him that I do not have portals on my website where the client deposits work for us or can retrieve work done by us as we want to have the conversation with you, we want to see you  and I should think you would want that conversation with us as well. I realize not all clients do and that is why every firm is different. My recent podcast “What’s different about GAI explains a lot about our firm. Give us a call at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit and I’ll tell you how my conversation with HP’s help line in India ended. See you soon!


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