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Yes it’s sad, but isn’t it great…too!

November 14, 2010

Cruise ShipI’ve heard and read so many stories about the recent cruise ship breakdown (Carnival’s Splendor) that I’m beginning to feel embarrassed for the cruisers and the ongoing complaints. Okay, I’m not beginning to get embarrassed,  I am embarrassed for them. Hell, I’m embarrassed for me, every time I’ve gone on a cruise and I have been on several of them in the past 20 years. I go on these cruises for a relaxing time and end up needing a vacation after the cruise simply because it is generally 7 days of eating and drinking beyond words. I usually leave the ship 10 pounds heavier than when I arrived. There hasn’t been a cruise vacation where fellow cruisers haven’t  commented on how many of the seven deadly sins they have engaged in, mainly the seventh one, gluttony.Midnight buffet

So here we have a ship that had a fire, broke down and had to be towed to shore. Yes it is sad that vacationers have had a less than luxurious vacation. It is sad that they couldn’t flush their toilets for a few days. It is sad that they had no evening lights for a few days (and especially sad for the inside cabin folks (not to mention the crew). It is sad that their refrigerators didn’t work for a few days. But isn’t it great that no one died in the fire? Isn’t it great that you got free beer and wine, all that you wanted? Isn’t it great that you got to spend the day talking (and perhaps playing card games)with your family rather than on an overpriced excursion or sleeping off a food coma?

We are in the midst of the worst financial crisis ever. So many folks are out of work and can not get jobs, because there are none to be had. People can not pay their bills or feed their families. The thought of taking a vacation (even one as overindulged as a cruise) is the furthest thing from most folks minds. Maybe this experience for these cruisers will, perhaps, have them prioritize what is really necessary to complain about…hmmm!

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