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Tipping the doorman?

November 17, 2010

Last year we moved to a building that has a doorman. What a difference that makes, especially when you have both hands full of several bags of groceries. These guys and gals are out there in the rain, the sunshine and everything in between. Cosmo, our dog, especially likes the door men and women as its one more friendly person to pet him and give him a few extra minutes of his much-needed attention. LOLCosmo

I’ve always wondered about tipping and how much do we tip at the holidays. Just as I was about to google…I read an article on tipping in Money Magazine. Here are the highlights by profession.

  • Housekeeper/Cleaner: $65.00
  • Gardener/Yard Worker: $50.00
  • Mail Carrier: $20.00
  • Hairdresser/Barber: $20.00
  • Garbage Collector: $20.00
  • Newspaper Carrier: $20.00

I didn’t even know that it was customary to tip some of these folks. I don’t even know my garbage collector. At the office I’m told (by the garbage company) to put out our firm’s garbage every night on the curb, but never have met the folks that drive by and pick it up??? The article goes on to say that the economy may rise and fall, but it turns out that holiday tips remain remarkably stable. Although this article was helpful I still didn’t get a dollar amount for the doorman so I ended up googling another article that gave more advice, but still no dollar amounts. I guess I’m going to approach the folks in the building and ask several of them what  they do for tipping; I’ll finally have something to talk to them about…I hope they answer me this time, as Hello never works. LOL

At GAI ( we know there is a lot of confusion out there re finances. Give us a call at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit as we will go to all lengths to get you the answers you need…even if that means talking to your neighbors. See you soon!


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