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Happy Birthday Cosmo!

November 24, 2010

Today is Cosmo “The Tax Dog’s” birthday. He is 12 years old today, and for those of you trying to figure out dog years vs people years…that would make him 84 “People” years old. Today he is not in the office as he is going to Clinton Park to visit his friends for an impromptu birthday bark or two. Then he gets to go to his favorite dog store on 9th at 49th to graze the treat isles where he gets to pick out his own present. At his age he doesn’t like to be surprised by gifts he never wanted (we have a basket full of squeak toys he doesn’t appreciate), so we just let him pick out his own. Then for dinner he gets boiled chicken added to his kibble. We have to keep reminding him that it is his birthday simply because we don’t want him to act like this activity (of shopping and food indulgence) is an everyday occurrence.

I have often gotten a laugh out of the employees at the office that would fuss when he went into their garbage cans looking for leftovers. I would hear the cries of “Cosmo get out of my office”  all about the building. I would remind them that I sent  an email that Cosmo would be in and garbage cans up. When they would continue to fuss I would remind them who the Server (most important computer equipment that runs the whole office) was named  after…COSMO. And I finally remind them that I need to work for Cosmo as his medical bills mirror that of Elizabeth Taylor.

Cosmo You see Cosmo has had many medical issues in his life.

  • When he was two he had a knee replacement (very uncommon procedure to have done for a dog)
  • He has had three bouts of cancer and survived them all.
  • He has Cushing’s disease and is on medication daily.
  • He has arthritis and hip issues so he’s takes medication for those ailments too.

But he continues to strive and is a blessing in my life.  At GAI ( we are a dog friendly office always looking to meet new pets (oh, that’s Cosmo’s line). Don’t be shy, swing by anytime for a visit. And if your pet’s birthday is coming up, tell him/her Happy Birthday! from us. Call us today at 212-979-6830 for an appointment. See you soon.


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