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Can Cellphones Cause Allergies?

November 26, 2010

When I was a teenager I had allergies real bad. So bad that I had to get 7 shots every week during my entire junior year in high school. It was a weekly ritual where the nurse and I became real close. How close? So close that I asked her to Prom. She said no (I guess we weren’t that close) and the next week I had a different nurse.  My allergies were the basic ones that most kids had: allergic to grasses, pollens etc. Now a days it is said that cellphones can cause an allergic reaction.Sneeze Poster

Anahad O’Connor of the NYTimes writes that talking on a cellphone for long periods can carry certain risks, like dirty looks from those around you…and allergies.In recent years, dermatologists have seen a small but growing number of people with itchy rashes along their jaw lines, face and ears which go away when cell-phone use is discontinued. The reason, studies suggest, is an allergy to metals in the phones, most often nickel.

Nationwide, nickel allergy afflicts about 3 percent of men and nearly 20 percent of women. Women are more likely to be affected because they are often sensitized to it by ear piercings and metal jewelry. It’s unclear how many people develop allergic reactions to their phones. But the medical literature is rife with case studies. For those who suspect a metal allergy, a patch test at an allergists’ office can provide confirmation.

Good thing I didn’t have cell phones when I was a kid or that could possibly be one more thing I was allergic to; but then maybe I would’ve called in my request for a prom date…! At GAI ( we understand the need to check and double-check prognosis. Give us a call at 212-979-6830 for your financial check up today. See you soon!


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