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10 Things App Developers Won’t Tell You?

November 27, 2010

I bought an iPad a few months ago and kept looking for the instruction manual in the clever packaging, but I never found it as they have none…in paper at least. Then I had to go to Safari to get the information to learn how to use it. Then I needed to get various apps to get it to work the way I wanted. Some Apps were free and some cost money. I quickly gave Tom the iPad. So when I saw this article in the December issue of Smart Money I thought lucky me for giving it the boot; but that’s just me!Various Phones

Are there 10 things (at least) that App Developers won’t tell you?

  1. “We’re just getting started” – The app industry is still learning how to turn goofy ideas like using your phone as a mirror into a legit business. There are more than 225,000 apps in the App store alone and plenty of other smartphones with their own markets.
  2. “We track everything you do…” – Developers can see how often and for how long you played a game and everything you did in it.
  3. “…and we do what we want with your information.” – All that data about you tied to your smart phone gets circulated through an ecosystem of companies and the problem is there no rules about what they can do with it.
  4. “The more you use our app, the more money we make.” – (that’s a no brainer)
  5. “We’re nothing without you.” – Some developers don’t bother creating any useful content; instead they let their users do it for them. If no one is using the app, there is no way to monetize it.
  6. “We’re creating a big security headache for you.” – People dump all kinds of apps onto their smartphones. The average iPhone user downloads nine a month.
  7. “Apple runs a tight ship.” – If a development firm hopes to earn a living today, it must get its offerings into Apple’s App Store, from which an estimated 2/3rd of all app downloads for smartphones are made.
  8. “You don’t need a lot of apps.” – They may be hot right now, but many apps are not necessary. In fact, they’re often window dressing for web pages.
  9. “We’re civic-minded visionaries.” – Though local governments may be firing cops and teachers, some are helping developers create iPhones apps providing public service. In SF, for example, residents can use apps that tell them when the next bus is expected.
  10. “Good luck using this at work.” – Thank the heavens for the IT guys.

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