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Okay, Who Sent Me the Parenting Magazine?

December 2, 2010

Do you recall the scene in the movie “Working Girl when Melanie Griffith is on the Staten Island Ferry (going to her job in Manhattan) reading from some magazine article, then ripping it out and sticking it in her purse ? Her girlfriend says “Why do you always do that” and she says “You never know where the good ideas are going to come from.” (My favorite movie line ever!)

  So I get this Parenting magazine in the mail and after thinking  why did someone send this to mewhat are they trying to say…I just began reading it and always, always keeping in mind what Melanie Griffith says…You never know where the good ideas are going to come from…I read about:

  • Fitting in Fitness: Ten minutes is all you need to achieve no-apologies arms, abs and more.
  • Natural Cold Cures
  • Little Angels (Yeah, Right!): An article on a whiny, defiant kid (if you got one).
  • Toys of the Year: The magazines 15 winners for babies.
  • Dressing Lessons

But the best thing I saw and loved was a top ten list (who doesn’t love those?!) Here we go. Signs You’re A Tuned-Out Mom (but seriously this could apply to anyone).

  1. Gaga still makes you think of a toddler instead of a woman with a zipper eye patch urging you to just dance.
  2. Pink reminds you of nurseries and tutus, not nose rings and tattoos.
  3. Coldplay is how your kid learns to stop forgetting his gloves every time he leaves the house.
  4. Black Eyed Peas are, alas, tragically unpopular with tweens.
  5. The Pussycat Dolls sound like the perfect holiday present for your 5-year-old niece.
  6. Eminem? A sheer delight, proven to inspire kids to act more politely.
  7. Vampire Weekend was that time your 12-year-old saw Twilight, then spent all her waking hours pining for Robert Pattinson (and all her bedtime hours afraid to go to sleep).
  8. Nickleback is the cry you hear after the supermarket gumball machine fails to dispense the Mike and Ike candies to your preschooler.
  9. Maroon 5 must be that crayon that replaced Burnt Sienna.
  10. Linkin Park sounds like an educational family field trip. Why isn’t it in the GPS?

Great job Deborah Skolnik on the top ten list. And thanks to the person that sent me the magazine…just hope it wasn’t my own kids.  LOL  At GAI ( we like to have a good time and always welcome kids to the office as well as their big brothers and sisters to babysit. And when it comes to your finances we are all Bill's kidsbusiness. Give us a call at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit. See you soon!


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