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2011 Technology Predicitions

December 3, 2010

Bunch of Internet WiresMonthly I get this magazine called Technology Advisor through the NSA which I belong. The NSA is the National Society of Accounts. This magazine is huge in that it is 12′ by 14′ and really there is no rack that can hold it so I read it quickly, tear out anything that I want or may need to refer to later and then toss it. I wish I had received it on-line just so I can feel more green (note I do recycle it though). This month is the time that we all give predictions or resolutions for the coming year. Even in tech magazines they do it. I do appreciate these magazines  simply because GAI ( has gone paperless and rely on the cloud for everything. We do not outsource, as all the work is done by us and stored safely in the cloud…I always want to say clouds as there must be more than one?!

Here are the predictions:

  • Internet Applications Will Continue To Lag Internet Speeds: This may be the year of catch up as the internet industry seeks balance between platforms and technologies.
  • Printer Management Will Be The New Efficiency Hot Button: 3% of businesses total revenue is wasted on printing (and those cartridges!).
  • Facebook Will Go Public, But…
  • Small Desktop Computers Are “In”
  • Internet Crime Will Get worse, Much Worse!
  • The Computer You Really Want Will Cost $250.
  • Big-Screen Monitors Will Take The Market.
  • Cell-Fi Will Replace Wi-Fi For Accountants.
  • Tablet PCs Will Prove A Flash In The Pan.
  • We Will Finally Adopt IP V6.

There you have it. And somewhere out there is a technology we have not yet imagined; a service that has yet to appear to disrupt the marketplace; an idea that will seem so obvious once it has appeared. Meanwhile we’ll use what we have, just make sure you back up everything. Give us a call at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit as we can show you how we have set up our office to be paperless and green. See you soon!


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