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Help Wanted, and Frustrated with the Replies!

December 3, 2010

Yesterday my horoscope read “Cherish imperfection. Even the least attractive flower is a miracle of nature.” So I kept this in mind as I read the 76 job replies that I received from my recent job posting on Craig’s List. This is a lot less than the 400 resumes I received 2 years ago when I was hiring a tax accountant for my office; so the times must be getting better OR my posting is so specific that I narrowed the field…help

 I am frustrated because out of the 76 job replies I received, I kept only 4 to interview. I was very specific in the ad,and it seems clear that many people didn’t even read the ad as they just shoot off resumes to everything that is out there. I had 13 bullet points on the job specifics and a healthy paragraph of what I’m looking for. Here are the items that seem to get over looked.

  • I enjoy cover letters more than the resume. (This is how you can initially shine or bomb and this means send a cover letter)
  • Cover letter must include your salary requirements (So right away you know two things: 1, must have cover letter and 2, the CV must include your salary requirements)
  • This is a long-term position for the right person. If you switch jobs continually this may not be for you. (I understand layoffs, but  a job every 3 months for several years is odd, clean up your resume!)
  • This is a position for someone who is currently unemployed. (If you have a job don’t apply as I want to hire someone who is unemployed, that simple!)
  • Salary Commensurate with experience. Again, include your requirements in cover letter. (See  how I asked Again for the salary requirements?)

Several of the folks that did include salary requirements informed me what the salary range was for the position according to national standards. Glad they took it upon themselves to inform me. Several of the people didn’t address any of the bullet point issues, only mentioned that once I met them it would be clear why they were a perfect fit for the job. And one person went ahead and told me he was available next week the 10th and I would see me then, hmm…?

 In a time when there are jobs out there (and there are jobs) and people complain about not getting them, it is time to start paying attention. Let’s stop complaining about the economy, the employers and even Santa. Read the job ads thoroughly and answer the questions, otherwise you’re never going to get in the door.

At GAI ( we understand that it is tough out there. We understand that everyone needs a break. And we understand how to help you with all of your financial needs. Give us a call at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit. See you soon!


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