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Is Gift-Giving Fun for you?

December 4, 2010

I remember the first Christmas that Chelsey had as a toddler. She was old enough to know what gifts were and knew that the Christmas tree held special meaning. This particular Christmas her Grandparents,on both sides of the family, spoiled her beyond belief. There were so many presents that they covered the floor of our small living room. You literally had to begin opening the presents in the hall-way and unwrap your self in towards the tree. She fell asleep several times that Christmas morning as she attempted to unwrap all these presents. Chelsey & Bill

Holiday gift-giving should be fun, but often it is not. One reason is that many of us feel we are bad at it. Anna Post of the Emily Post Institute says there are five ways to make gift-giving fun again. Let’s See!

  1. Think of the recipient: these gifts are  the ones that help someone pursue their favorite hobby or are somehow sentimental for them.
  2. Dare to repeat your success: Jody, my sister, drinks wine and for the past 10 years have given her a gift certificate to her favorite wine store (7-11) . She’s thrilled every time.
  3. Do ask (and do tell): Nothing is wrong with asking what do you want for Christmas and nothing wrong with answering for yourself as well.
  4. When in doubt, think food: People who say they have everything don’t have the jam you preserved last summer.
  5. Know when to give cash and gift cards: Cash is right for the doorman but not your girlfriend.

The following year, Chelsey’s grand folks kept the presents to a minimum. Today, Chelsey is the hardest person to buy for (stemming from that early Christmas, no doubt) so I always make sure there is a gift receipt because even if she doesn’t like  the Jessica Simpson shoes I bought her…I do. At GAI ( we have opinions about all sorts of things but when it comes to your finances we are pretty right on. You work hard for your money, let us work smart to help you keep it! Give us a call today at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit before or after you go a holiday shopping. See you soon!


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