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Do you Haggle?

December 8, 2010

The shaky economy and anemic retail spending give customers an edge when it comes to haggling. For the best shot at a successful negotiation, offer merchants a deal that benefits them, such as buying items in bulk so the seller won’t have to bother with them later. Pick the low-hanging fruit, ask for coupons at check-out,  haggle for floor models, seasonal items at season’s end, and perishable items near expiration. Products that are on sale are primed for deeper discounts; asking “Could you do any better?” will often pay off. Pit competitors against each other, such as phone and cable companies, to get them to give you the lowest price. Make your opening bid significantly below your spending limit without being insulting. Your trump card is walking away, but make sure you do it right: express regret, rather than anger and frustration to get one last opportunity to deal.

Pretty Woman posterWhen I purchased the office desks, at GAI, the salesman wouldn’t give me any break in price. I mentioned that I was buying 9 pieces and since I was buying in bulk there should be some percentage off. He was rude and said no, then walked away. I then walked out, called the company (as they were online as well) and spoke to a rep that gave me $150.00 off of each piece and free shipping. After the furniture was safely delivered I went back to the store and found that salesman and did a Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman where I said, “remember me, the guy that wanted to buy all those desks…don’t you get commission?…well  guess what….big mistake!” and off I walked (without the shopping bags that Julia had in her hand).Pretty Woman Sometimes you just gotta ask and do what you gotta do. At GAI ( we understand that concept and are here for you. Give us a call at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit. We love to hear haggle stories. See you soon!


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