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What’s The Real Price of Your Pet?

December 16, 2010

I recently read an article about the rising cost of medical bills for pets and the people willing to dish out the dough. People are spending anywhere from 2,000 dollars upwards of 20,000 on MRI’s, CAT scans (CAT- get it?), radiation treatments and even chemotherapy. Even with this great economic crisis the pet services industry hasn’t been impacted at all. In fact, it’s booming. Reading this I had to ask myself, would I spend thousands of dollars on my pets health needs? Seeing as how I don’t have thousands of dollars right now that’s not an option but if I did, I totally would. If you are like me then you know that your pets are your kids. If you are really like me then you obsess on your pets and treat them like they are human. Sounds scary? It’s the new American trend, to humanize our furry companions. 

All over the city are chi-chi pet boutiques like Trixie and Peanut, Modern Tails and The Diamond Collar who offer only  the best for our four-legged divas, or devo if your pet is a dude. You can get anything from high-end pet apparel, including faux fur coats ( in case they have a bad fur day) to blinged out personalized water bowls. In addition to just the cosmetic items  pet services like deep tissue massage, acupuncture (ask Cosmo the Tax Dog-he loves it!) and therapy are widely used. I know if I had an owner who dressed me up in hats and Ugg booties I’d need therapy too. Who am I kidding, I love it! I wonder what Cesar Milan would have to say about this?

People are willing to spend a countless amount of money on their pets and at times at the cost of our own needs. I am guilty of this myself. Ramen noodles are totally fine for my dinner but my cats, Edward and Bella, will have tuna tartare. I mean would you really have it any other way? I think not. Yes those are my cats pictured above, not professional models, in case you were wondering.

To me there is no shame in taking extra measures to make sure our little babies have a life as luxurious as ours. Keep in mind my cats bedding is more expensive than mine. So if you spend your hard-earned cash on duvet covers, iron wrought beds or splurge for a stay at the Ritzy Canine we never judge at GAI. Let us at Gunwel Associates, Inc. (  help you with all your pet related receipts by taking care of all your Tax and Bookkeeping needs. Just think, the money we help you save can be used for more pet purchases! It is that time of year when we offer year-end tax reviews (for free!) so give us a call at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit.

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