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Another Top Ten List!

December 20, 2010

The employees of my firm get bonuses a few times a year. The first one comes around April 16th after they have worked long hours during tax season; the 2nd one comes before Christmas break when we have our Christmas party. I hated just handing them the check so I always put the bonus in a gift. Usually the gift is a board game of some sort; one even as incipient (I used a thesaurus for that word as I don’t usually talk that way) as Candy Land. I loved playing board games growing up and have fond memories of playing various games with my brother and sister while we waited for the snow to thaw. Often at our office ( you will find a few people playing Rummikub (mostly to acclimate their brains to numbers after a long weekend or a night out drinking (no, no my employees are not a bunch of drunks) lol).

I saw a blurb in that ever elusive parenting magazine that someone keeps sending me that kept me laughing as I wrote out Christmas bonuses this year. It’s called the Top Ten Useless Games For Moms by Deborah Skolnik.

  1. Trivial Pursuit: You already know the agony of searching every retailer in town for the hot pink Nintendo DSI you 12-year-old simply has to have.
  2. Mouse Trap: Who needs to assemble a rodent catcher from a plastic bathtub and a colored marble? That’s why you have a husband.
  3. Monopoly: You spend virtually every second of your child’s playdates trying to convince him not to hog all the Match-box cars and Lego’s.
  4. Trouble: Why go looking for it? In five minutes, a neighbor’s going to call to say your 7-year-old is peeing off his swing set.
  5. Risk: You have a kid. She has a skateboard.  ‘Nuff said.
  6. Twister: You already wake up most mornings to find your toddler’s foot in your rib cage.
  7. Scrabble: You can’t make a word using only the letters Q, G, R, W, and X? Well, you lose, because your kindergartener can.
  8. Go Fish: Been there, done that after your toddler dropped your glasses in the toilet.
  9. Clue: You’ve put in so many hours determining who squirted mayo on the dog that you could join the cast of CSI.
  10. Life: You’re no stranger to tuition fees, doctor bills, and a growing family. And somehow, you still feel like you’re coming out a winner. 

Life is kind of like a board game where  one roll of the dice you can move forward, easily, or backwards several times. Let GAI ( help you with your financial strategies. We are here to help as we’ve been around the board (game) a few times. Call us today at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit. A game of Rummikub is waiting for you here. See you soon!

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