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Welcome to Generation Y.

December 21, 2010

Are you a Generation Y’er, Echo Boomer, Millennial or part of the iGen? If you were born between 1980 and the early 1990’s then yes you are. We are the children of the Baby Boomers with 77 million of us born over an 18-year span. While we are roughly the same size as the Baby Boomers, we are a smaller share of the U.S. population as a whole. We are leading the way for a shift in the age profile of the  American population with lower birthrates and increasing longevity. The Generation Y’ers are much different from our Baby Boomer mama and papa’s. They led the way with their entrepreneurial ventures and drove our economy and stock markets to its height’s (and maybe it’s fall too but I didn’t say that).  We are the technological dependants, über savvy with our iPhones and Blackberry’s, relying on them for every aspect of our lives. 

This heightened  familiarity with technology  seems to have stemmed from birth, who doesn’t remember playing Duck Hunt on Nintendo or Wolfenstein on the computer. According to The Kiplinger Letter, 90% of the Generation Y’ers over 18 use the internet, 60% go wireless and 83% rely on cell phones. As a Gen Y’er I can tell you that the biggest catastrophe that can occur is a non-working cell phone. I keep mine on day and night and it even has a spot on my pillow. Sleeping so soundly next to me it gives me a sense of security as if it were my man. One fourth of all Gen Y’ers send more than 50 text messages a day. I’m totally writing this blog via text by the way.

In the workforce Gen Y’ers have changed how employers seek for and keep prospective employees. Gen Y’ers are generally well-educated, well-traveled with a  more diverse cultural awareness,  and are better working in groups. On the flip side it is said that Gen Y’ers can be at a loss when it comes to traditional office etiquette, lacking basic communication and common sense skills. Apparently, we are so used to technology we forget what real face-to-face interaction is like. We also need to be told how to dress, with companies enforcing dress codes emphasizing no tank tops, shorts or flip-flops. It has also been said that Gen Y’ers expect a fun and meaningful work environment. Having a background in the corporate field I can appreciate a place of work that allows for both productivity and creativity. So for all my fellow Gen Y’ers, listen closely, I am about to reveal my plan for our world domination. First we need master the age-old art of communication both verbally and written. Every now and then let’s drop a few bucks for some slacks and nice tops, or nice jeans depending where you work. Let’s learn from our Baby Boom predecessors and infuse it into our own work ethics. With a combination like that, and a little Pinky & the Brain mentality (more Brain than Pinky of course) we could be unstoppable.

Be assured that at GAI ( our Gen Y’ers are more than capable to assist you in all your Tax and Bookkeeping needs. To schedule a free consultation, give us a call at 212-9879-6830, visit our website or just stop in. Our doors open at 8am and we close at 6pm (from January 15th to April 15th we will be taking appointments until 8pm).

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