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Five Rules For Walking In New York City

December 22, 2010

It dawned on me while walking to work this morning that the majority of people on the streets do not know the simple rules of walking in NYC. It’s not a difficult concept, but it is one that I feel needs to be reviewed. These are some simple rules that will definitely make your walk and those around you much safer and easier to manage.

1. Always stay to the right. Walking the streets is just like driving a car. Stay to the right! I can’t tell you how many times I feel like I’m in a dodge ball tournament walking down Park Avenue.

2. Do not stop in the middle of the sidewalk. I just don’t understand why people do this. Its as if they want the entire city to stop while they light a cigarette or apply their lipstick. Please don’t! If you know you’re going to stop, move to the right and get as close to a building as possible. This allows the traffic to keep moving and you from being pummeled by the masses.

3. If you can’t walk and talk on your phone at the same time, DON’T! I realize that we all get important calls while on the streets, but if you’re not capable of moving along with the traffic, navigating your trip, please see the above in regard to the stopping rules. In addition, if you have a drink in hand, lit cigarette and a bag that cannot be carried over your shoulder, do not answer the phone! There is nothing worse to me than someone who is swaying from side to side while chatting on their phone as if it’s a stroll through Central Park.

4.  The orange hand blinks 8-10 times before going solid. Knowing this will help you cross streets and not get run over. Look at the street you’re about to cross and start counting when the blinking begins. This will tell you exactly how much time you have to make it across the street or just wait for white man to appear and you can safely cross.

5. Bicycle messengers DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU! They come from both directions, do not care about traffic lights or traffic in general. They typically get paid by the delivery so they want to deliver as much as possible in a short amount of time. Before crossing a street, especially one with no traffic, look in ALL directions. I have seen too many people get plowed over because they’re listening to their music and not paying any attention at all.

Walking the streets of Manhattan can be a wonderful experience or a frustration that can ruin your day. Here at GAI we take simple precautions like this every day to make your tax preparation experience a safe and enjoyable experience. Let GAI ( help you with your financial strategies. Call us today at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit and share your Manhattan walking experiences with us.

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