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How To Break-up with Your Mid Section.

December 26, 2010

So it’s that time of the year again where we all resolve to lose  that holiday weight we’ve packed on since Thanksgiving. The amazing family dinners, grandma piling food onto your plate saying, Eat! Eat! Your too skinny!! There is nothing I love more than a home cooked meal by my amazing Abuela (Spanish for awesome grandma). The pile of juicy pernil (Spanish pork-can you guess what nationality I am?) sweet potatoes, rice and beans, buttery biscuits, and glazed ham stare at me seductively. They whisper, come on you know you want me, and oh yes I do. So after I scarf down my first plate I suddenly feel the need to nap. After I awake from my food coma, the only appropriate thing to do is go back for seconds. Before the night is over, because of course there are cookies, cakes and drinks to be had, I can feel my pants cutting off my circulation. The muffin top I arrived with has now transformed into a full on baker’s dozen. With my leftovers in hand, I head home feeling heavy, groggy and amazing.

Christmas comes and goes and I suddenly find myself doing aerobics just to get my jeans closed. My holiday indulgences have come back to haunt me. So after weeping uncontrollably and damming my midsection to hell, I get up off the floor and regain my composure. The hunt for the best ways to shed these quickly gained pounds begins. There’s a lot of information out there on the best and quickest ways to lose weight and I’ve tried them all. The cabbage soup diet, black coffee and turkey diet, and even the hallelujah diet (you know where you pray and barter with God, if you take off 10 pounds in my sleep I’ll start a children’s fund). Thankfully I have made a little list on what has worked best for me, so you won’t have to go through the diet blues.

Drink Water- Having (1) 8 oz glass of water half an hour before a meal will help you feel fuller quicker.

Allow Yourself To Splurge – The worst part of a diet is the mental anguish from having to eat dry lettuce, hello are we  rabbits? Allow yourself to have 1 whatever you want meal once every 10-15 days. That way you won’t feel deprived and it won’t do enough damage to ruin your good habits (unless your whatever you want meal is lard).

Eat More Often– Having 6-8 small light meals a day keeps your metabolism boosted and you feel fuller longer. That hunger sensation in the pit of your stomach gets knocked out and can help save from the mental food arguments. You know when you see a brownie and think, if I only have one bite how bad can it be?

Watch Out For The Booze– Many of those yummy little after work drinks are packed with calories. Choose drinks with diet coke or tonic instead of regular soda. Steer clear from anything frozen or creamy. Those tend to be packed with calories, sorry my Margarita fans. All those drinks with added syrups and mixers will keep that tummy growing. Remember, they don’t call it a beer gut for nothing!

Walk– Ditch the escalator and use the stairs. Get off a train stop early and walk those added few blocks. Every step you take helps shrink that waist!! (Yeah I just made that up).

Be Realistic– Most importantly set realistic goals. I will never be a size 0, nor do I want to be, because I know what works best for my body. If you are a curvy woman, embrace it. Be healthy in whatever size that works best for your body.  

I hope my tips make your after holiday diets a little easier. At GAI ( we want to help you reach all your goals, so call us at 212-979-6830 or come in and stop by, we would love to hear more healthy tips. Or share a chocolate cake if it’s your splurge day!

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