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My Computer Crashed, How’s Yours Doing?

December 31, 2010

Today is our Friday (actually Thursday, but we are closed on New Years Eve day) and I’m always excited for Fridays, until a computer crashes. And today we lost one of our (less than a year old) computers. It has been acting up for a while, like a bad tooth. Gunwel’s computer guy says it is temperamental, like an old car…but it’s not old I say…he says all computers are like old cars. As Chris (Gunwel’s office manager) heads to Best Buy to purchase the replacement, I noticed an article in USA Today about computers. “10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Technology” Your gadgets and computers, your software and sites – are they not working as well as they should ? You need to make some tweaks. The tech industry has given us the impression that making adjustments is difficult and time-consuming, but it is not. Here are 10 things you can do to improve your technological life.

  1. Get music off your computer: music bought digitally wants to be freed.
  2. Set up a free file-sharing service: while e-mailing yourself files is a perfectly decent workaround, there are easier ways to move files around.
  3. Get free antivirus software: attacks on unwitting users are more widespread and tactics are growing more advanced.
  4. Back up your data: because photos are not the only important things on your computer.
  5. Get a smart phone: immediate access makes life easier.
  6. Stop using internet explorer: as it is bloated with features and an example of old-style Microsoft excess.
  7. Buy a lot of charging cables: as you should never have a gadget’s battery die on you.
  8. Get a better deal from your cable, phone and internet provider: nuff said.
  9. Upload your photos to the cloud: you’ll be really sorry if an errant cup of coffee makes its way onto your PC, wiping out years of photos.
  10. Calibrate your HDTV: that awesome 1080p plasma or LCD TV you bought has factory settings for color, brightness and so forth that are likely to be out of whack. They need to be adjusted.

The article goes onto say that these 10 adjustments should take about two hours. I’m just going to call my computer guy and have him read my blog before he comes in next week, so I don’t have to verbally add to his to-do-list. At GAI ( we like to be up to date on all our equipment as we are on tax laws. We look forward to working with you this tax season. Give us a call at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit. See you soon!

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