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Say Good-Bye to Saturday Mail Delivery.

January 5, 2011


The U.S. Postal Service is poised to halt the Saturday mail deliver as soon as October, the start of Uncle Sam’s fiscal (year) 2012. Ending Saturday delivery will save the Postal Service about $3 billion a year.

I have always wondered why the mailman delivered mail on Saturdays for as long as I can remember. Years ago when I opened my tax office I remember the postman asking me if I was open on Saturdays as they would just hold the mail until Monday. At that time I said to Roy (our postman), geez you guys shouldn’t even be open on Saturdays. He mentioned that overtime originated with delivery six days a week. Gunwel’s current postman hates Cosmo (the tax dog). Last week as Cosmo was sitting in the lounge area (far from the door) the postman opened the door and threw the mail in the office. What! I thought. Didn’t I just pay $200. for an ad in your Christmas holiday program. Geez! I think  this is one more example of  Government waste. As a business owner, when it is time to look at yearly budgeting, I would always start with payroll and look at the hours of operation. I can’t be the smartest business person in the world? Or maybe I am. LOL

 At GAI ( we pride ourselves on checking and double checking your bottom line. We want to make sure you’re receiving every credit and deduction you are entitled to, and we want to help you make wise business decisions. Give us a call today at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit. During tax season, beginning January 15th, we will be open on Saturdays…unlike the “dog-friendlypostman. See you soon.   

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