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Standing Out and Proud

January 6, 2011

This past Monday I had the opportunity to go to the Georgetown versus St. John’s basketball game at Madison Square Garden. Although I was upset my team lost, I was struck with shear fascination by one of the St. John’s dance team members, it was a man in an all-girl squad. They were not the cheerleaders, but the dance team.

I am a very strong supporter of equal rights and get very excited to see such displays of acceptance. But I feel my excitement went beyond acceptance and delve into being so proud of this young man. This boy was wearing black pants, a shirt that did not even come close to matching the girls uniforms and wore earrings in both ears. Did I mention his eye-high leg kick that was more of a ceiling-high leg kick? While performing during a commercial or during their half-time show, his smile went from ear to ear.

My thoughts throughout the game ranged from sadness for the taunting he must receive to wanting to go to the floor and tell him what a great example he is sending to all of the children in the crowd. The confidence he must have astounds me. And to think that this is happening at a Catholic University really says a lot.

It’s experiences like this that I am so proud to be a part of the diverse team at GAI. Here at Gunwel we work with all walks of life. Whether it’s handling your personal or professional taxes and bookkeeping, we don’t judge you. In fact, we feel the more diverse our clients are, the more diverse we are. Let GAI ( help you with your financial strategies. Call us today at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit and share your “Standing Out and Proud” experiences with us.

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