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5 Money Things to Do In The New Years

January 9, 2011

Money magazine came out with a great article on 5 Things to do in the New Year.  I always love these types of articles because the 5 things are generic in that everyone can relate and do. There are actually  hundreds of money things we can do  in this New Year but let’s start with these five and see what you think.

  1. Shop for a no-fee checking account: New regulations have reined in the profits that banks can make from penalty fees. So banks are looking to replace that revenue by tacking on charges for checking accounts and boosting minimum balance requirements. Shop around for free checking offers at community banks and credit unions. Go to or for help.
  2. Save your raise: Saving your raise money may not seem substantial at the time but in the long run it will.
  3. Go for a checkup: Starting in 2011 most health plans will fully cover in-network preventive services. The list of free services varies, depending on what the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends for your age, sex, health status, and family history. You can get details at
  4. Score a better rewards card: Card issuers, burned by defaults, now view merchant fees as their most reliable source of profit. That’s led them to dangle richer rewards and bulked-up bonus offers to the customers who swipe the most.
  5. Use your vacation days: Last year a whopping 37% of Americans didn’t take all their available time off, up from 31% two years earlier. Vacations help you reorganize your brain, which ultimately improves your performance.

At GAI ( we can help you with all of your financial needs. Aside from offering Tax & Bookkeeping Services, Gunwel has a variety of other financial services we can assist you with during your year. Give us a call at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit. See you soon!

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