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Weighing In On America’s Doctor.

January 11, 2011

There seems to be a whole lot of hoopla going on concerning our newly appointed Surgeon General, Dr.Regina M. Benjamin. Let’s see maybe its her credentials. She is the founder and former CEO of Bayou La Batre Rural Health Clinic in Alabama, the 1988 US recipient of the Nelson Mandela award for Health and Human rights and in 2002 was named President of the Medical Association in the State of Alabama. That all seems legit. Wait, maybe she’s a smoker. No that would just be President Obama. Oh wait, I remember it’s because she isn’t a size 6. America’s doctor is a full-figured woman who despite all her education, awards, and milestones in her career, is seen mainly for her pant size. The New York Times magazine published a Q&A with Dr.Regina M. Benjamin and thankfully only referred to the weight issue once. They asked her what her thoughts were on all her critics trying to discredit her during her nomination because she was “perpetuating obesity rather than battling it”. She simply responded, “My thought is that people should be healthy and be fit at whatever size they are”. Bravo.

I get it, we are a country battling obesity with over 34 percent of all Americans over 20 considered obese. However, when I do a search on Dr. Regina M. Benjamin all I see are articles talking about her speculated weight and pant size. Seriously, is there nothing else of importance going on in the world? If she was a guard or defensive tackle she’d probably be told to bulk up. I agree, that we should be healthier. Healthy doesn’t equate to a standard size though. I know many petite people who rank top in the unhealthiest persons category. Crash diets, starvation and all the other crazy things people do to drop pounds doesn’t exactly make you fit. Until we realize that size doesn’t factor healthiness, then all this junk that’s out there regarding our Surgeon general’s fitness level doesn’t really jive. Now if she was unable to walk due to her weight, then yes, maybe another choice to be America’s Doc is best. Our focus needs to be on making ourselves healthier, by eating right and exercising. Perhaps that doesn’t mean washboard abs or 2 percent body fat and so be it. Our image on what’s deemed fit is so skewed so let’s get it together people. Then maybe we won’t be so judgemental of anyone whose ribs aren’t visible to the naked eye.

At GAI ( we maintain a judge free zone. We cater to everyone whether you are big and beautiful or fit and fancy.So feel free to stop in and visit or give us a call at 212-979-6830. We look forward to seeing you soon!!!

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