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Snow Parking Code of Ethics.

January 12, 2011

The morning after our big blizzard of 2010 I found myself shoveling like a mad woman just to get a clear path out of my house. There was so much snow, I didn’t know where to put it all. I attempted to shovel my driveway, and in the process some snow fell on my neighbor’s lawn. You would have thought her house was on fire because she came running out scolding me for putting my snow on top of hers. Whoops. I wasn’t aware we owned snow but hey I learn something new everyday. I couldn’t imagine what would go down if I parked in her freshly shoveled spot. I’ve been witness to a few parking battles over the years but every winter your guaranteed at least one.

For those without a driveway, I totally get it. Bearing the cold weather and breaking your back to get your car out only to return and find someone else has parked there. Hello mental breakdown. The anger starts boiling as you realize all the knots in your shoulders were in vain. I read an article in The New York Times complaint box about this very issue. Funny enough, it was written by a fellow Staten Islander. According to my island mate, if you didn’t shovel it then don’t park it. For the most part I agree. It is pretty rude to just snatch someone’s spot when they clearly didn’t shovel it for public use. Here comes the but… but unless you changed your name to the city of New York, you don’t own the street. When it comes to your neighbors however, there is a neighbor code of snow ethics. Those who do not follow such rules i.e., not parking in someone else’s spot and apparently not putting your snow on their snow, shall be punished to the fullest extent of the community. I’ve seen it happen, egged windshields, knocked over garbage cans, flat tires and that’s just the suburbs.

What do you do if a stranger parked in your spot? Smash their car to smithereens (just kidding-you can arrested for that!). Get over it! It’s a public street, so while your makeshift spot saving garbage can barricade may seem intimidating to you, no one really cares. The best bet, if it’s in walking distance put on your snow boots and get ready for some exercise. If it’s not, well that’s the chance you take (unless you have a driveway like me-zing!). The best way to prevent drama and avoid possible car repair bills is by being respectful and courteous. Respect your neighbors and use common courtesy when parking.

Luckily at GAI ( there is no need for the parking woe’s. We have two parking lots right next door! We are also surrounded by all forms of public transportation. So give us a call at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit!!

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