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Why Social Media is Important to Client Relationships

January 20, 2011

Gunwel Associates is a Tax & Bookkeeping firm that utilizes social media to enhance the relationship with our current and future clients. We know that working with finances is a very intimate issue for everyone and this allows us to enhance our relationships. In addition to tweeting, facebook postings, podcasts, monthly newsletter, and daily Gazette, we blog every day. Our content is developed in house, not outsourced, and gives our readers a personal look into our office. The tax office model (or any business model for that matter) you grew up with, is no longer the norm. In this environment you must connect with your clients outside the office through social media in order to stay connected to them.

Since we are a boutique firm that focuses more on client relationships throughout the year and not on how many people we can get through the door in a three month period, we feel this is an essential part of illustrating to our community that we are not just tax accountants. Social media, whether it be twitter, facebook, or any of the other thousands of sites out there, is critical in today’s marketplace. It is the company that is aware of and constantly pushing tweets, status updates and relevant blogs that will succeed in building strong client relationships today.

Gunwel Building

Thus far our strategy has been very successful. We have built a strong following of readers that frequently comment on our blogs and engage us in commentary across the entire spectrum of subjects we write about. Blogging gives us a voice to our current and potential clients when they’re not in our office, on the phone with us or looking at our collateral. This is the new form of loyalty marketing and best of all, users are addicted to it.

If you’re not connected then you must get connected. And if you’ve given up on blogging, start it back up again. These social media outlets can and will grow your business as well as build your customers loyalty. If you’d like to discuss this topic with the Gunwel team, feel free to come by (44 east 21st street), send us an email ( or check out our web site at We can talk social media, taxes or anything else that may come to mind.

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