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Sleeping With The Four Legged Enemy.

January 25, 2011

When you walk into my house for the first time, aside from my exceptional decoration skills, you will notice my cute as can be pet beds. My cats, Edward and Bella, each have their own sleeping quarters. Bella’s bed is pink satin with a white glitter fur trim while Edward prefers his lime green fuzzy director’s chair. In addition to their specific beds, they have an array of choices like my couch, kitchen table and even bathroom sink for their day time naps. None of these places however, even match up to the love they have for my bed. I think it’s my memory foam mattress topper that really throws it over the top. I’ve always loved having my pets sleep in bed with me, in fact I encourage it. I mean really, what harm can it do? Well according to a new study, it can kill me.

In an article I read in USA Today, sleeping with your pets can cause some serious illness. While rare, you can contract diseases like the plague, yes the animal version of the black death, and cat-scratch disease. I never even knew these diseases existed. The study also frowns upon kissing or receiving kisses from our cuddly loved ones. Apparently these diseases can cause severe heart and digestive system issues which could potentially lead to an early death. In order to make sure your sweet sleeping pet doesn’t unknowingly kill you, veterinarians suggest washing your hands after touching your pet and keeping them up to date with their shots and immunizations. Seriously?

If you are a responsible pet owner making sure your pet is healthy is always a top priority. Washing your hands every time you touch them? Yeah, I think not. If I did that, I’d be washing my hands every two seconds. I might as well live in a hazmat suit. I dare you to tell me, how I am supposed to say no to my cats when they peer so innocently over my covers wanting a spot on my pillow? While I appreciate the news of the possible harms of sharing my bed, it won’t change a thing. It’s much more dangerous to get into my car and leave the driveway as nearly 70% of all car accidents happen close to home. I don’t see myself buying new walking shoes anytime soon. Oh and yes, that is my chameleon cat, Edward, pictured above.

At GAI ( we would love to hear your thoughts on this and hear about your cuddly loved ones! We are a pet friendly office feel free to bring your cat or dog for a visit! Stop by or give us a call at 212-979-6830!! See you soon!

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