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Is Social Media Better Than A Super Bowl Ad?

January 26, 2011

Recently I wrote a blog on the importance of social media for small businesses and how much it can impact a company’s client base. It is the most critical component of any firm’s marketing and advertising campaign because it enhances relationships with current and potential clients. After reading a recent article in USA TODAY, it’s apparent that this does not only apply to small business.

Super Bowl

Super Bowl

While large corporations that have consistently advertised during the Super Bowl were considering another run at it this year, at least seven of them have decided not to. Take the example of Papa John’s which is offering a free large pizza to every American – if the Super Bowl goes into its first-ever overtime. The catch: You must sign up for its online loyalty program before game day. Andrew Varga, Papa John’s marketing chief stated it perfectly,

We’d rather give away millions in free pizzas than spend millions on a spot.

At $30 million per 30-second spot, I don’t blame him. You don’t get your customers address, email or the ability to engage them in future surveys or giveaways. You simply push a message that you have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on and are only using it because your focus groups told you to. Don’t get me wrong, I love the commercials during the game and half-time show, but the reality in today’s marketplace is that social media takes precedence.

This week alone we signed a contract with a client that came to us through our entire social media circle. They first found us on Yelp, went to our website, viewed our blogs, immediately began following us on twitter and connected with us on Linkedin to set up an appointment. When they came into the office, without even asking they told us how impressed they were with how connected we were in social media. And one them commented how he couldn’t believe how important we felt about blogging on a daily basis.

Social Media Landscape

Social Media Landscape

Here at GAI we don’t just blog because we enjoy it, we blog because we want our clients and community to know who we are and that we care about more than just taxes & bookkeeping. We Yelp because we are involved in our community and want people to know about the great restaurants we go to. We tweet because our followers look to us for inspiration throughout the day. Come by our office to talk social media and how it can help your financial bottom line. We’re located at 44 east 21st street, otherwise you can send us an email to or check out our web site at

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  1. January 31, 2011 4:10 pm

    Another great posting! You seem to understand the “power” of social media. So many people and companies don’t seem to understand how important it is to “interact” with your clients, not just speak to them!

    Keep up the great work!



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