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The Forgotten Consumer, The Alpha Boomers.

January 26, 2011

When I was 16 I couldn’t wait to turn 18, to be a legal adult. At 19 I couldn’t wait to be 21 so I could legally party, then at 22 I couldn’t wait to be 25 because really the number just seemed cool. Now at 28 the thought of turning 30 is starting to seem scary. I’m noticing lines on my face that once weren’t there and unwelcome silver visitors on my black locks. While I’m still considered young, the thought of aging gracefully does not excite me. In a society obsessed with youth how can becoming older be fun? Okay, senior citizen discounts are cool and retirement rocks but how long do I have to wait for that anyway? Mid to late 50’s? 60’s perhaps?

According to an article I read in the New York Post, the 55-64 year olds, aka the alpha boomers, account for the majority of money spent on good and services-nearly $2 trillion big ones. These alpha boomers also purchase more technology, owning more iPads and smartphones than my age demographic of 18-34 year olds. They also watch more television and record more shows on their DVRs, own the most second homes, have the second highest median income and rank Facebook and YouTube among their favorite websites. Doesn’t sound very geriatric like to me. These alpha boomers are just that, the booming alpha members of our society. They were  the cool young hipsters of Woodstock, implementing social change during the sexual revolution and the Vietnam War. While they flourish and relish in today’s technological advancements and entertainment, they are being ignored by these same groups. When was the last time you saw a commercial with a person over 50 in it that wasn’t for erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, life insurance or denture creams? The target age group for advertisers is 18-34 year olds even though we don’t account for the prime purchasing group. It seems silly that the people who are spending the most are forgotten and instead portrayed on television as feeble and falling apart. Our obsession with youth has masked the truth and placed a stigma on getting older. Did you know that the largest circulated magazine in the world is AARP? Sorry Cosmo.  We can’t shut out the people who paved the way for the young now. Pretty soon we will be the ones being portrayed as catheter dependant. So wise up advertising world, yes your products appeal to the young, we just can’t afford to buy them.

At GAI ( we believe that age is just a number and we have quite a fondness for numbers here. We are after all, the top choice for all your tax and bookkeeping needs! Share your thoughts  by calling us at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit. See you soon!!

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  1. January 31, 2011 4:07 pm

    Great posting! Made me laugh and sooooooo on target!!

    Keep up the great work!


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