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Have you ever dreamed of being a Concierge?

January 27, 2011

I always thought that being a concierge would be great. After seeing the movie with Michael J. Fox, “For Love or Money,” I was convinced that was my destiny at some point in life. I mean to see him wheeling and dealing Broadway tickets, helping a hotel guest put the spark back in his marriage and just to be the go to person for anything a guest needs. Well, I just realized its not exactly that glamorous.



This week I read an article in the New York Post about a new book coming out by Michael Fazio, former NYC concierge and author of “Concierge Confidential.” His book is a tell all of what he and other concierge’s have had to do for their hotel guests. I’ve put together a few of my favorites:

  • Call a food service distributor to get enough chocolate syrup to fill a bath tub
  • Replace a toilette because the guest would not sit on a toilette that anyone else had used
  • Fill an entire room with ice and order hundreds of pounds of sardines for a room full of penguins
  • Babysit Siegfried & Roy’s white tigers

I was completely shocked what they had to go through and gained an entirely new respect for them. On my walk to and from Grand Central Terminal along Park Avenue I do see plenty of them. But until recently I thought they were just stuck behind a computer all day googling information for guests that didn’t bring their laptops. I will now admit I was completely wrong in my thinking, but realized may that is what people assume we do at GAI.

Our office is not a typical Manhattan office with white walls and gray carpet with rows of cubicles and closed doors. We have very warm colors, a seating area with beautiful furniture and a completely open office with gorgeous wood floors. We don’t just sit behind our monitor’s crunching numbers and printing IRS forms. We actually work with our customers in all aspects of their business decisions. We talk to each other about ideas we may have for client A and how to present them. I may go to a networking event and meet someone that may not be a fit for Gunwel, but I feel could be a great contact for one of our clients. That’s what separates us from our competition, we want to be more than just your tax preparer, we want to be your Financial Concierge.

So come by our office and discuss with our team what your needs are and how we can be your go to person while developing your new venture or existing business. We’re located at 44 east 21st street, otherwise you can send an email to or check out our web site at

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