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Did You Hear The Other Tax Firms Are Fighting?

February 1, 2011

In January it started. I’d be watching T.V. and the advertisements for H&R Block began. I would watch a 2 hour movie and I’d see as many tax firm advertisements as the amount of times Brad Womack (the current bachelor) would take off his shirt…many! And I wonder and say “geez” it would be great to have that kind of advertising budget…but then I see in today’s USA Today Newspaper the following:

Jackson Hewitt Sues Over Block Ads: Jackson Hewitt, the nation’s second-largest tax preparation company, filed a lawsuit Monday against H&R Block for making what it called “false, misleading and highly disparaging advertising claims” about Hewitt’s tax services. At issue is Block’s “Second Look” advertising campaign, which claims that Block found errors in two out of three tax returns prepared by Jackson Hewitt. “This claim necessarily implies the false message that two out of three Jackson Hewitt customers who are entitled to refunds have been short-changed due to Jackson Hewitt errors or incompetence,” Jackson Hewitt said in the complaint. “We are extremely disappointed with H&R Block and feel they are doing a signficant disservice to U.S. taxpayers with their false advertising claims that are designed to undermine trust in Jackson Hewitt,” Jackson Hewitt Chief Executive Philip Sanford said. “We intend to pursue every avenue available to us to stop their campaign of misinformation,” Sanford Said. In a statement, H&R Block said it stands behind its advertising campaign and will “vigorously defend” the claims made in the ads.

At GAI ( our advertising consists of newspaper ads, flyers, magazine ads, blogs, podcasts and all the various social networking one can do. No where do I fuss about the competition. Maybe if I had millions in advertising dollars I would…NO, that’s just counter productive. We should not be fussing with each other over taxes; but fussing with the government is another matter. Let Gunwel Associates help you with all of your tax needs. You work hard for your money, let us work smart to help you keep it! Call us at 212-979-6830 or stop on by for a visit. See you soon! 

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