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Is It Time To Reshop Your Auto Insurance?

February 8, 2011

My oldest Daughter, Chelsey, got her driver’s license on a Friday, and we took her driving through Golden Gate Park in San Francisco (where we were living at the time) on Saturday. We had a new Mitsubishi Montero, it was forest green and had all the bells and whistles. She heads into the park   and within the first few minutes hit a PARKED CAR. Chelsey claims, the car was double parked and  yet, she said she thought it was moving. No one was hurt except my insurance rates.

If you haven’t compared rates for auto insurance lately, give it a try, as there is a good chance you could lower your premiums. Sometimes an insurer will raise rates across the board, even for drivers with spotless records, and sometimes a change in your situation will prompt a rate spike. You may be able to save  by jumping to another insurer. Here are four reasons to re-shop your auto insurance, chances are you’ll be able to save money on premiums.

  1. You’ve been ignoring the GEICO gecko. When you re-shop your rates try an independent agent at, get price quotes at or
  2. You got a speeding ticket or had an accident. In most states, tickets and at-fault accidents remain on your deriving record for three or five years.
  3. You have a teenage driver. A new teenage driver increases a two-car family’s auto-insurance bill by an average of 58%.
  4. You’re buying a new car. Insurance costs can vary a lot depending on the car’s safety record and the cost to repair it. Compare premiums from a few contenders before you make your final decision.

The other day I was thinking if I had just raised my kids in NYC (where having a car is not a necessity) how much money I would’ve saved in auto insurance…LOTS. At GAI ( we are looking for ways to help you save money; whether it be in a tax return or in your daily budget. That is our job and where our expertise lies. Give us a call at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit. Gunwel Tax & Bookkeeping wants to help. See you soon!

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