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“Yankee’s Short-Stop Derek Jeter Is Sponsored By Pepsi?”

February 10, 2011

Can you imagine hearing those words? The independent media shop Horizon Media discovered that sports jerseys are prime ad space that could generate more than $370 million in revenue. Michael Bush of reported in a recent article on crane’s new york website that he feels its just a matter of time. Interestingly enough, within the top four professional sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL), New York teams dominated the top three spots.

#3 New York Giants at $14,011,721
Consistently a strong team, but the New York TV market drives the value of this franchise.

#1 New York Yankees at $13,803,011
Love or hate them, the Yankees, the most successful franchise in the history of sports, drive people to stadiums and viewers to TV screens no matter the market. On top of that, the team has one of the country’s most successful private sports networks, YES Network.

#3 New York Mets at $8,954,315
Currently a financial mess, but the team has its own network in the New York market, which equals a high ad value.

#2 New York Knicks at $2,775,182
Having its own successful channel and being in the New York market are the only reasons this team ranks this high.

#2 New York Rangers at $708,267
The New York market (again) and its own highly watched network make the Rangers the second-most potentially profitable hockey jersey.


I find this interesting because the combined salary of the Yankee’s in 2009 (their last World Series Championship Season) was $201,449,189 and we all know the Steinbrenner’s are making a profit on top of that expense, so what’s $14 million more going to do? They wouldn’t even be able to hire a closing pitcher for more than a couple of play-off games with that kind of money!

Well, here at Gunwel we’re only sponsored by our clients. Although we won’t wear your name on our Jersey’s while other clients are around, we will be proud to do your taxes and manage your financial forecast. So come by and let us know what you think of billion dollar franchises taking up what little ad-free space is left.

We’re open six days a week, Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturdays from 8am to 5pm. You can always give me a call to discuss the future of the Yankees or Natalie for the Mets at 212-979-6830. We’d also like to hear from you in writing by emailing us at or you can always visit our web site,, for additional information regarding tax time. We’re located at 44 East 21st Street which is between Park & Broadway.

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