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Are You Still Planning Your Valentines Day?

February 11, 2011

As I was sitting here pondering my Valentine’s Day plans an article came across my screen from the New York Times entitled, “Busy Tonight? I Know a Nice Subway Ride…” I know what you’re thinking, smelly bums, rude tourists and annoying teens are romantic to you Christopher? No, not that at all, but if you consider everything you can do with a subway pass, a little imagination and a spirit of discovery, you may just find a whole new city.

New York City

Eric Copage wrote this fabulous article and offers some great ideas for you with a metro-card in hand;

SNOW PICNIC IN PROSPECT PARK Other than the occasional dog walker or jogger, you and your date will most likely have the park to yourself, said Eugene Patron, the park’s spokesman. You can use one of the designated barbecue areas to grill, say, shish kabobs, and enjoy them at a picnic table. Chilly, yes, but choose a spot near the lake for a water view or try the Nethermead for the coziness of a copse of bare trees, and it becomes a romantic repast.

BANYAS Throughout the New York City area there are a handful of banyas, traditional Eastern European bath houses, that can make for a hot date, literally, for those who know each other well. Larisa Fuchs, 32, the owner of a party-planning company, Gemini & Scorpio, favors Brooklyn Banya, in Kensington, where she has hosted events.
“I love their Jacuzzi, and their food is authentic and delicious,” she said. For $60 a couple gets day- or evening-long access to the sauna and steam rooms. Food, massages and salt body scrubs are extra.

TIMES SQUARE It may not seem like the most romantic of spots these days, but Jeff Stark, a Brooklyn artist and the editor of Nonsense NYC, a weekly e-mail list of unusual events, suggests taking in a sound sculpture created by Max Neuhaus here. You can listen to the deep, unearthly moan emanating from the median at 46th Street, between Broadway and Seventh Avenue. Describing the work as “a strange and very subtle thing,” Mr. Stark said the fun came both from experiencing it and from watching others experience it.

“They’ll stop and look around,” he said, “and have a quizzical look on their face, as if they are trying to figure out what’s going on.” Afterward he suggests a bar stop at Jimmy’s Corner (on West 44th Street), which Mr. Stark calls “old and deeply local.”

OTHER NOT-FOR-TOURISTS-ONLY DATES “I love the Manhattan skyline coming back at night,” Jacob Mnookin, 31, an educator from Brooklyn, said of his dates on the Staten Island Ferry. Carole Seidelman, a co-president of the Guides Association of New York City, likes the Roosevelt Island tram ride. After disembarking you can play tennis at the Roosevelt Island Racquet Club (if you’ve made a reservation), or, when the weather warms, have a picnic in one of the island’s parks with a stunning view of the Upper East Side.

Personally, I love the Grand Central Terminal audio tour. It tells you the amazing history of the largest train station in the world and you get to see and understand the architecture of a masterpiece. Millions flock through Grand Central Terminal every-day and never realize the impact it has had on our history.

Here at Gunwel, we have clients stop by all the time and not just in regard to their taxes or bookkeeping. We discuss weekend plans together, talk about the latest restaurant we discovered or new off Broadway hit. You name it and we talk about it. So why don’t you stop by and tell us of a great date night we can have in the five boroughs.

We’re open six days a week, Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturdays from 8am to 5pm. You can always give me a call to tell me of a great NYC find at 212-979-6830. We’d also like to hear from you in writing by emailing us at or you can always visit our web site,, for additional information regarding tax time. We’re located at 44 East 21st Street which is between Park & Broadway.

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