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Are You Being Tracked?

February 12, 2011

At the first internet company I worked for my boss told me something I will never forget, “the internet is all about information and whoever has the most information on users wins.” Wow, I thought he was crazy to think that tracking information other than hits to a web site or even click through rates was just useless data. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. In a recent USA Today article entitled “Most Google, Facebook users fret over privacy” discusses the results of a recent survey they conducted among Facebook and Google users.

Interestingly, users that are very concerned or somewhat concerned make up 58% of those surveyed while the remaining was not too concerned or not at all concerned. Now, I feel this is one reason people get their bank accounts hacked, credit card information compromised and even worse is complete identity theft. Once your identity is stolen, your credit is affected forever and although you may recover from it financially, you will never look at the internet the same way again.

Data Mining

Tracking user data is more critical now than it has ever been. Google and Facebook have to track data for a multitude of reasons, but the bottom line is money. They have to create the experience for users that will best utilize their advertisers dollars and that takes a lot of data. Server farms filled with everything we do from how often we check the weather channel to every time we send a Facebook poke. Everything we do is being tracked and yes, resold to the top dollar. But when that information is compromised, thieves have their hands on your entire life. Remember the movie “The Net,” it’s even more possible now.

Here at Gunwel, we work with our clients financial data all day long. That is why we have one of the most secure networks and data storage devices on the market. We are constantly updating our security as the need arises and take no chances. Being a paperless office, we cross-cut shred any printed materials that have been scanned into our system and the only thing that goes into the trash are the used coffee filters and left overs from lunch.

We encourage you to come by our offices to talk about our privacy policies and how you can be more secure while connected to the digital world. We’re open six days a week, Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturdays from 8am to 5pm. You can always give us call at 212-979-6830. We’d also like to hear from you in writing by emailing us at or you can always visit our web site,, for additional information regarding tax time. We’re located at 44 East 21st Street which is between Park & Broadway.

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