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Does Your Dog Have The “IT” Factor?

February 16, 2011

Have you ever wondered if your adorable little pooch had what it takes to be the next winner at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show? New York’s Madison Square Garden just played  host to the 135th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, held on February 14-15th, creating a wave of doggie fever. More than 2500 regal pups will compete in several categories but each secretly dying to get their paws on the coveted title, Best in Show. What qualifies a dog to become Best in Show?

According to an article I read in USA Today, in order to advance to Best in Show a dog must win its breed then its group.There are currently 179 breeds in 7 groups. The most important factor is the ability of the dog to showcase their “it” factor. A dog that aside from being breed specific, must have a “certain sparkle”, one who “walks into the ring and owns it”. Hello, we totally just described my dog growing up, Duky. He may not have been a purebred but he definitely had the “it” factor and then some. This year the speculation surrounding Best in Show was that a newcomer could snatch the title. Six new breeds were introduced this year, including a Lenonberger Chewee  who just finished performing 15 shows of Annie in Lynbrook, NY. Did I mention my dog Duky performed 10 different versions of the I’m going to use the bathroom on your floor dance? Now that’s talent. The introduction of a new judge also threw the regular contenders for a loop. Paolo Dondina, from Italy, is the first foreign Best in Show judge since 1930.The concern was that breed standards vary from country to country so what he may deem as admirable may not be what your pooch had to offer. This years Best in Show went to 5-year-old Scottie, a Scottish Deerhound. This is the first of its breed to win. Guess all the speculation was right on.

If you think your dog has what it takes to be Best in Show, like my baby Duky pictured left (who is currently Best in Heaven champion) we would love to meet them! We are a pet-friendly office here at GAI ( With all the extra money we can save you this tax season, training classes for your pooch could just make them a leading contender next year! So give us a call at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit.

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