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Saving $3,000 A Year On Groceries?

February 18, 2011

I’ll be the first to admit that I was not meant to be a grocery shopper. When ever I go shopping, I must have a list. If I don’t have a list I come home with more crap that clutter the old pantry. Who needs 10 jars of reduced spam ? (I thought we did); who needs 4 bags of the various size corn chips ? (I thought we did); who needs twizzlers ?, a lot of them (I see them at the movies all the time). ?!?!  I’d rather eat out all the time, especially here in NYC, but this blog is about saving money, not spending more!

The key to cutting your grocery bills in a super-competitive marketplace is to think value…not just price. here are some surefire ways to get the most from your shopping excursions – in every aisle, every time you shop. Get to know your supermarket. Value is a balance of four factors quality, price, selection and service. Supermarket customers visit, on average, two different supermarkets a week and several different stores each month in search of the best value. But – 53% of shoppers say they dislike supermarket shopping…and 14% downright hate it. So I may be in the 14% but I’m going to get the best value and start saving some money!

  • Choose one store to be your regular supermarket. With more than 35,000 products available on most supermarket shelves, there’s no reason to keep switching stores.
  • Front-end electronic marketing programs are similar to frequent-shopper programs, but members are rewarded based on the amount they spend.
  • Purchase-triggered coupon programs, issue coupons at the checkout register that are good for future purchases at that particular chain of stores.
  • Instant electronic discounts are also called “paperless coupons.” Customers who use their membership cards at the checkout register automatically receive discounts on products that have been identified in mailers or by signs on the shelves.
  • Meet the store manager and/or customer service manager. Be sure to tell him/her that you are a long-time customer.
  • Get to know the staff in the store…and save $100. Tell them you are interested in sales and special offers. Once they know you they will point out the new products.
  • Use Coupons and save $300. If you use just 10 manufacturer’s coupons every week, at an average of about 60 cents each, you’ll save more than $300 a year.
  • Buy store brands and save $2,000. Switching to your supermarket’s “private label” or “store brand” is one of the best ways to save money with no loss of quality.
  • Stick to the list. Nuff said.

Hey I feel good about these tips for my new shopping experience I intend on having when I head home tonight. Maybe I will combine getting to know the staff and store manager while passing out Gunwel’s business cards and logo’d sanitizer spray pens. I certainly will express my desire to be a better shopper and hopefully become their tax man. At GAI ( we advise you on several different ways to save money on your taxes; not so much like a supermarket, but as friendly as one. Give us a call at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit. See you soon!

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