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How To Survive A Nuclear Bomb…why would you want too?

March 1, 2011

At GAI ( we get LOTS of magazines for our reading (mostly keeping current) pleasure. We have a large library of books, articles and magazines that our clients can use at their leisure. I get tons of newsletters from the various organizations I belong to, even ones that I do not. I still can’t figure out who is sending me that Parenting magazine (I thought maybe my youngest daughter, as we are not speaking because I don’t approve of her abusive boyfriend). I get this one called “Bottom Line Personal” which has as its tag line “the worlds best inside information.” I like it because the articles are short, informational and sometimes outrageous. Outrageous, because when I read some of the articles I wonder why would they write a blurb like that.  One of the articles is “How to Survive a Nuclear Bomb, A Simple Tactic Could Save Your Life.” My immediate reaction is “Why Would You Want To Survive?” Last thing I want to do is to be responsible for repopulation of the human race, especially at my age. But there are some blurbs that I like and wanted to share.

  • Look your best on match-making web sites. Photos taken at twilight are more attractive as the angle of beams from the setting sun makes faces look better and may increase romantic associations for those viewing your photo.
  • Milk cures garlic breath. Drinking milk while eating raw or cooked garlic neutralizes much of garlic’s sulfur odor.
  • Baby boomers will inherit $8.4 trillon. But that won’t solve their retirement savings concerns. The median inheritance will be $64,000.
  • Donations from IRAs directly to charities are allowed for people age 70 1/2 or older – in amounts up to $100,000.
  • To save time at airport security checkpoints, carry solid toiletries – these items don’t have to be placed in separate plastic bag like liquids.
  • Travel agents are making a comeback. More than one-quarter of leisure travelers who booked trips online said in a recent survey that they would be interested in going back to a traditional travel agent.

Then there are these great articles…(more reading than your basic blurb)

  • The Best (and worst) Credit Cards for 2011
  • 5 Big Trends that Can Make Big Money For You
  • What Your Accountant Won’t Tell You
  • Win Support For Your Good Ideas
  • and of course my favorite…How To Survive A Nuclear Bomb…

Sometimes there can be too much information. And not all the information is correct. The other day a new client comes in for his tax interview. He had a very thick accent. He lives in another country and is working here on a visa. As I was going over the basics he kept interrupting telling me that the internet told him XYZ re the forms I would be filing. Sadly the internet got it all wrong and he couldn’t imagine what I was telling him was correct. I showed him various examples of tax law truth and he kept stating what the internet told him…and he got up and ran out faster than how I act when I’m called for diner. You can’t please everyone, but at Gunwel Tax & Bookkeeping we try to please our clients, and most of the time we do. Give us a call at 212-979-6830 or stop by for a visit. We’d love to hear any funny stories or articles you may be reading that can change your life, or already did! See you soon.

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