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Do You Have Charlie Sheen Fever?

March 2, 2011

It seems that since the shut down of the CBS hit show Two and  a Half Men on Friday, Charlie Sheen has taken storm with his colorful quotes. He has created a media frenzy during interviews with NBC, ABC, TMZ, and CNN. All over Facebook I see status updates with Sheen-isms. Sites like have popped up generating quotes from Charlie Sheens infamous interviews. This self-proclaimed “rock star from Mars” is “rolling out the magic, bro” all over the internet. On Tuesday, Charlie Sheen officially joined Twitter and within an hour had hundreds of thousands of followers.  According to an article I read in USA Today, the cover I might add, “Sheen’s rants have also spawned several fan sites, and make-your-own product sites are reporting a surge on gear emblazoned with Sheen quotes.” This new internet sensation is even being compared to Chuck Norris. Jarret Moffatt, creator of, says “Chuck Norris (website) has been made-up stuff, but you can’t make up how awesome Charlie Sheen is right now. You absolutely can’t make that up.” I don’t know if I would go with awesome when describing Charlie Sheen and his latest antics, but he definitely knows how to gain our attention.

Some wonder if this is all a media conspiracy or if Sheen is really having a mental breakdown. I would go with both. It has been no secret that Charlie Sheen wants to break away from his sitcom work to delve into the big screen, but with his contracts with CBS, having a public breakdown could be key. With everything Sheen has said and done within the last few days, his value to CBS and Two and a Half Men is greatly diminishing, probably to the point where his job isn’t salvageable. Genius or fool? That is yet to be determined. In the meantime, it seems the public does love watching a live train wreck.  Here’s hoping that this “bi-winning” actor comes out on top, whether with his movie career or at a mental institution.

I want to end this blog with this thought. CBS didn’t seem to mind when Charlie Sheen was plastered all over the news with his cocaine abuse, fondness for prostitutes and family abuse issues but once he talked negatively about a writer it was on. All of a sudden, Charlie Sheen is an addict, improper role model and not someone CBS wants representing them. Wasn’t he always? I guess when someone is making you millions its easy to look the other way. Now, as the public, is this someone we want to idolize and consider awesome? I know I don’t. I personally don’t think drug and alcohol abuse deserves rewards, but hey to each their own.

Here at GAI ( we would love to hear your thoughts on this new Sheen fever. Is it media marketing at it’s best or the exploitation of a man on the verge of a total breakdown? Come in and tell us what you think, and while your here let us prevent any tax season breakdowns by handling all your tax needs. Give us a call at 212-979-6830,we are open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and Saturdays 8am-5pm. Walk-ins are always welcome, hope to see you soon!!

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