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Atlantic City Goes To The Dogs.

March 10, 2011

Leaving your dog at home for a weekend in Atlantic City, New Jersey has become a thing of the past. Showboat has officially become the first dog-friendly casino in Atlantic City. According to, Joe Domenico, the General Manager and Vice President for Showboat, was quoted as saying, “This initiate puts Showboat at the forefront of Atlantic City’s world-class offerings and will bring some more customers to our casinos without having to leave their pets behind.” Showboat calls this new program the Pet Stay Atlantic City. Your pooch will be just as pampered as you with offerings like specialty organic treats and food, rooms equipped with water bowls plus a keepsake duffle bag. Sort of makes the series of oil paintings by C.M. Coolidge aptly named, Dogs Playing Poker, make sense.   Don’t worry you wont find a pit bull dominating the craps table, dogs are not allowed on the gaming room floor or in restaurants. They will just have to play cards in their rooms (even the underage ones).

 Pet spending has been the one area that keeps growing despite of the economic standing we currently find ourselves in. With over 70% of Americans having traveled at least once with their pet, many hotels, spas and resorts are becoming pet-friendly to take advantage of this new market. The trend of people to treat their pets as children has spilled over into the goods and services industries, with many human services being offered to our pets too. Want to plan a day at the spa? At the Affinia Hotel in NYC, your pet can enjoy the luxury of a massage along side you with their Jet Set Pet program. While Showboat hasn’t added features like doggie massages and silk shampoos, you can get the comfort of knowing your doggie is sleeping soundly in your room, while you enjoy some gambling (or slot machines like me)

At GAI ( we are also a pet-friendly office (with treats) and would love to meet your dog or cat.  Feel free to bring them in while we handle your taxes and you can even meet our own tax dog, Cosmo! We understand that your dog or cat is more than just a pet, they are family, and we want to make sure you feel like family here too. You are never just a number here, we value your input and how know how important and personal your finances are. So give us a call at 212-979-6830 to schedule an appointment or stop by for a visit.

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