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Did-Ya Know That…

March 10, 2011

I love to think our  tax office ( is a fountain of information. We can talk about taxes, bookkeeping, the IRS, American Idol, Charlie Sheen and who the republican 2012 presidential candidate will be…because tax folks are renaissance men and women. LOL But I am a fan of trivia and useless knowledge so sit back, here we go.

 Did you know that…

  •  Job disappointment is running high – so high that 84% of employees plan to look for new jobs this year? That compares with 60% who planned to look for new employment at the start of 2010. Reasons for the disappointment: increased work and stagnant compensation.
  • Celiac disease can develop at any age? The condition damages the small intestine because of an autoimmune response to gluten in wheat, barley and rye. Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cramping and bloating. Recent finding: Celiac disease is becoming more common among older people who have been gluten-tolerant so far.
  • Gold jewelry is losing luster. The price of gold is so high that fewer people are buying it. US purchases of gold jewelery fell by 36% in the past three years. The typical components of jewelry also are changing. Example: European jewelers are mixing gold with steel and ceramics.
  • Regular coffee drinkers need caffeine to reach the same alertness level as people who don’t drink coffee? The feeling of being more awake after drinking coffee is because the body no longer craves caffeine.
  • Washington, DC, is the most educated area in the US ? Recent findings: 47.3% of residents of Washington DC and its surrounding areas have at least a bachelor’s degree versus the national average of 25%. The second-most-educated city is San Francisco – 43.5% of residents have at least a bachelor’s degree.

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