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The IRS Big Mistake This Tax Season, So Far…

March 19, 2011

It is tax filing season and the IRS is making some mistakes… 

IRS Sends 200,000 Balance Due Notices by Mistake

Due to a computer processing glitch, the IRS mailed 200,000 CP-14 balance due notices to taxpayers who filed electronically. These notices told the taxpayers that their balance was due by April 15, even if they had already designated automatic withdrawal from their bank accounts.

These notices were not to be processed in the middle of tax season, and instead should have been processed after the database had been updated to account for direct debit payments.

The IRS has stated that if a taxpayer consequently pays twice using direct debit and check, the IRS will automatically issue a refund for any overpayments.

It is important to note that not all taxpayers have received a Notice CP-14 in error. If the bank account listed on the tax return was listed incorrectly, a taxpayer would receive this notice.

The IRS has posted Notice CP-14 FAQs.

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