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MTA’s Proposed Food Ban Gets Rejected.

March 26, 2011

At the MTA’s monthly board meeting held on Wednesday, March 23rd, MTA Chairman Jay Walder rejected the proposal banning food in the subway. According to the Daily News, the food ban was done “as a way to curb litter that attracts rats and provides fodder for train-delaying track fires.” Jay Walder responded by saying, “We all have (a) responsibility to try to treat our subway system and fellow riders with respect. I think that extends to food as well.” With approximately 5 million people riding the subway daily, the resources it would take to effectively monitor the food ban would be too costly. Police issued less than 2,000 tickets last year for subway littering.

It seems for now that subway riders will still be permitted to eat and drink while riding, but the real question is, why would you want to? Okay I’ve been guilty of the occasional bag of Doritos and a coke but I’m not whipping out my boxed meal from Szechuan Gourmet. The subway is generally one germy infection waiting to happen. Half of the time it smells like urine and the other half someone is sneezing right next to you without covering their mouth. That’s of course when they aren’t hacking up a lung and spitting on the floors. Seems like the perfect dining environment right?

There have been complaints about food fights on trains and the idea is that if there is not food, there is no fight. Clearly whoever thought of this never rode the train. The only reason food was involved is because it was the first available thing to be thrown. I’m sure if the person was holding a backpack that would have went flying too. So do we now ban backpacks too? If you want a clean subway, hire more people to keep it clean and when necessary issue littering tickets. Garbage bins that are overflowing only encourage passengers to empty their trash on the floor. If the MTA doesn’t care then why should we?

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  1. March 26, 2011 4:22 pm

    I have some very strong opinions about this subject. Like you, I can’t imagine why anyone would even want to eat on the train. I don’t even want to take my clothes off in my bedroom when I get home for fear of infecting my home with train germs… so eating on a train is the last thing I want to do. In particular I cringe when I see people eating “hand” food…like fried chicken…I want to say to them…”do you realize that your hand was just on that germy bar above your head?”

    I have also witnessed countless people who just cavalierly dump trash under their seats when they are done with ANY garbage…food or otherwise which clearly has nothing to do with over flowing garbage cans since this is in a train car. One day I was entering the train when a passenger already on the train attempted to throw his garbage out of the train. He had been clearly trying to get it to go down to the tracks because when it barely missed hitting me and landed across the small space between the train and platform, he got up and crammed it down into the space. I don’t know what came over me but I said to him “you couldn’t hold that bottle until you got off the train?” He told me to mind my business..and I explained to him that I was…since I am a rider and a tax payer…it is my business…and it should be his too unless he doesn’t pay taxes and rides the train for free…he actually shut up at that point.

    I agree with you…I suppose you can’t ban people from eating on the train (although if any of that food were to ever spill on me…all hell would break lose I promise you). But I do agree that more littering tickets should be handed out and garbage cans should be kept empty…but a can get easily get filled in one rush hour. Besides…the reality is…why shouldn’t individuals be held accountable for their garbage? Just because we have people who clean the subways doesn’t mean you should dump your garbage anywhere you want. Just because a building fire is under control doesn’t mean you should enter it.

    Well those are my 2 cents or so…thank you…lol

  2. Natalie Del Valle permalink
    March 28, 2011 1:11 pm

    Well thank you for reading and your comment is right on. Sadly though informing the train eaters how gross their habit actually is can turn violent so people tend to keep quiet. People should be held accountable for their littering actions. I think they should make littering fines higher and charge crazy late fines, enough to teach these people a lesson in trash etiquette.

    I’m glad you felt so strongly and shared your thoughts from my blog!! Have a Great Day!!!

  3. September 18, 2012 9:58 am

    Reblogged this on whinetimeblog and commented:
    a wonderful opinion piece with great blogger feedback on the subject about eating on trains. Have a read!

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