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Have You Ever Had The Perfect Day?

February 6, 2012

Have you ever had the perfect day? The kind of day that at the end of the day you literally said, “if the earth opened up and swallowed me right now I’d be okay with that?” Well I had one of those days a few Sundays ago when I went wedding dress shopping with Chelsey. Yes, Chelsey is getting married this coming May 19th and it was time to shop for the dress. I, of course, was going to go with her simply because it was always something we had talked about…maybe it was me that talked about it… but there is a back story here.

Before my children were born (2 girls: Chelsey & Lace) I began writing journals to them that I would give to them later on in their life. The journals were about me, who I was, my life as a father with them, my hopes and dreams for them and my explanation of why their mother and I divorced when they were very young; among just a few of the many other items I wrote about. I also would cut pictures of wedding dresses I saw in magazines and thought these may be their style as I envisioned them as grown women. So when they were in high school I ended up giving these journals to the girls. They seemed to love them as much as I loved writing them. So when it came time for Chelsey to go shopping for her wedding dress I was not going to miss the event.

I was nervous, very nervous simply because I wasn’t sure how to be. Was I to be the usual Bill that spoke his mind no matter what?  Was I to be the silent Bill that loved everything she tried on? I wasn’t sure, so I asked my staff, made up of mostly women and they all agreed (knowing my personality good and bad) that I was to say she looked beautiful no matter what…and just smile and write the check for the dress. So that was my plan. I also, was hoping that we were going alone without her usual gaggle of girlfriends because I figured if I was going to be the “smiling Bill” I didn’t want anyone elses input if I wasn’t going to give mine. LOL  She came to pick me up at 12:30 as her dress appointment was set for 1:30 and we needed time to write a list of what we wanted. She showed up at my house alone and when I asked if we were going with out her girlfriends she said of course as this was our thing. My heart burst at that moment. In the car after we discussed details: long, short, color etc I couldn’t contain myself any longer and came right out and asked her how she wanted me to be….? I gave her the options and she laughed and said she wanted me to be the Dad she had always know…not holding back as she wanted to look good and trusted my taste. Once again my heart burst.

So we arrived at the bridal store and from the moment we stepped into the shop the gals were so nice and friendly. Gal number one checks you in and gets your details in the computer while you are able to look thru catalogues circling gowns you would want to try on. Then came this very young wedding concierge that would be working with you. So we move to a more secluded area by the dressing rooms where we sit and go over the dresses and discuss our thoughts, and of course price point. She goes to gather undergarments for Chelsey to wear while trying on the gowns…apparently special bras and corsets etc. Sadly our concierge suddenly goes into an allergic reaction and is itching like she’s been bitten by a thousand spiders…we get handed off to concierge number two which honestly I did not like as she was abrupt and working a few other girls along with us. Luckily in comes concierge number three who moves us to a bigger space and starts bringing on the dresses. Each dress was amazing, but you knew yes or no right away. We were on the same page on almost all of them. She tried on maybe seven before one she had not pick to try on appeared as the concierge gal thought she might like it. She stepped out and we both said this is it. The gown looked amazing, she looked amazing and I was emotional as my heart burst for the third time. I never felt awkward as I helped her spread her gown around her (yes I was just like the other invasive mothers helping their daughters with the ruffles and lace) as this was my little girl. This was my little girl that I took to kindergarten her first day, was there to watch her graduate from high school and college. I was there when she opened her business and bought her first house and here I was helping her with her wedding gown. It was a moment I would never forget.

The store has a tradition that when you find your gown you ring a bell and everyone claps. So the concierge rings the bell and Chelsey and I hugged. And again my heart burst. So we pack it up, paid for the gown and off we go to a dinner, yes it is now dinner time. At dinner we discussed the dress, the wedding and what a wonderful time we had. The next day I told my staff the story of that great day and how I would never take their opinion on which Bill to be ever again. LOL

I guess that is what is so great about using Gunwel Associates to do your income taxes or bookkeeping. We don’t lie to you, we tell you the truth about your finances in a gentle caring way. We are the “Bill” that tells it like it is, and helps you make it better, if that is what is needed.We can’t promise you the best day of your life but we do realize you work hard for your money so we are there to work smart to help you keep it. And for most people, that is a good day. Come see us, wer are here to help. You can contact us at 615-730-9444 or visit our website at See you soon!

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  1. terry permalink
    February 6, 2012 4:01 am

    Bill I am envious of you. I wish I could have been there also. I want to tell you that you was a great father and still are. I feel blessed to have been there for her four fourteen years and I to was there for her high school and callege graduation. I wish I couold be there for the big day but I understand. Tell Chelsey I love and think of her often and hope she has a wonderful day.

  2. July 3, 2012 10:11 pm

    I did’t know that.

  3. December 28, 2012 8:49 am

    You sure have a gift for writing such great articles! Thank you!

  4. July 3, 2013 9:11 pm

    Nice! This post is really great.

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