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I Know What It’s Like….

February 8, 2013

I got a call today from a friend of mine who works in collections at a company here in Nashville that handles only collection accounts for a nearby hospital. He hates his job. He makes $10.00 an hour and use to get commissions until they decided to pool all the accounts, hire more collectors and now nobody gets anything but their hourly wage. When he complained, his boss said “get another job.” Today he made 220 collection calls and most of them were wrong numbers as he only spoke to 20 people. He’s been at this job for three months after being let go from another job simply because he made $1.00 more than anyone else in the accounting department at which he worked. He worked there two years and out of the 80 people who worked in that warehouse, he was the only one that said to the owner I want to grow with this company. He’s frustrated, he’s sad and his rent is going up. He’s half my age and doesn’t know what to do.

I hired this gal at my last job that was 57 years old. I was hiring for an accounts receivable position and was interviewing many unqualified folks. The job paid $9.00 an hour. She was an ex-CPA from another state and because of her age she could not get a job. She said she has been on many interviews but they look at her like she won’t last. She said to me “I need a job, and I’m willing to work for this amount of money.” I hired her on the spot. She was an excellent employee, did great work and sadly, for me, she quit several months later after she landed a job paying her $35.00 an hour. I was very happy for her.

In 2009 I sold my tax practice (of 24 years) in San Francisco and moved to NYC where I opened Gunwel Associates (which came to Nashville with me when I moved here). I was too young to retire and honestly after Uncle Sam get’s half there is not a lot left. LOL Unfortunately, months prior to the sale my ,then, partner and I owned a home in San Francisco that had a loan that matured after two years and the game plan was to sell or refinance as the loan amount was to double. There was no way we could pay that mortgage and put the house up for sale. It was a great house that in any other time would have sold within a few days. But the market crashed and the house sat. We ended up selling the house as a short sale. It was devastating to me. Here I was this big financial guy that was facing the same problems that so many other people in America were going through. It was a very sad period in my life. I was ashamed, embarrassed and I wanted to tell the world I know what it’s like. But I didn’t as I felt I would lose credibility with clients and my business may take a hit.

Why do I tell you these stories today. Because I want you to know why Gunwel Associates is different from other tax and bookkeeping firms. We know what it is like to have financial upsets. We can relate to you in all aspects of your financial life. When a tax accountant has empathy and compassion you can rest assured that you will be listened to, heard and advised in a way that is healing and helpful. I know what it is like to raise children and worry about putting food on the table. I know what it is like to live pay check to pay check. I know what it is like to choose which bill to pay…the hosipital bill where your 2nd child was born or your rent. I know what it is like to lose your house. I know what it is like to sell your stuff to make ends meet. I know what it is like to worry. But I also know what it is like to survive; to pull yourself up and become successful. All you have to do is breath and hang on. I had always been searching for my purpose in life ever since I was a young man ( don’t feel sad for me as I’m still young, just in my early fifties…HA) and I realized that sharing my experiences and business knowledge was my purpose…having empathy and compassion is my purpose. Someone told me recently that “hanging on” can be a purpose in itself. To everyone out there in this very scary and unstable economic world…hang on. If you need financial help come to Gunwel. If you need your taxes or books done, come to Gunwel. And if you need a place to come to say “I feel lousy about my finances etc” you can come to Gunwel…as I know what it’s like. Give us a call at 615-730-9444 or visit our website at I am here to help!


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